Thursday, August 28, 2003

Queer - Defined

For one of the first times in my brief blogging history, I am kind of sorry I brought up the topic of readers' definition of "Queer".

Readers' Definitions
Mostly I'm sorry that I brought it up for a very selfish reason. Because my definition of why I call myself queer is so mundane and boring compared to the extraordinary definitions from y'all.

Don't get me wrong, I certainly don't disagree with your definitions. In fact I thought they were spot on accurate with how I feel about myself and my identification as a human.

And the way you expressed it was so beautiful it was poetic. I loved how Lisa describes the idea of being Queer by pointing at all sides of it so that a vibrant silhouette of it appears in the reading of her description.

I adore how well Sean describes the courage innate in queerdom. It reminds me again of the book/movie "Naked Civil Servant", which I could read/watch dozens of times.

Michael's (Aubergine's) concept of using it as a label to avoid labels was intriguing for me. I also label myself in many of the typically gay ways...preppy, top, boy-next-door...and definitely not Str8 Acting. But Queer, as Michael defines it, is more of a context that encompasses all of those labels.

Marilyn's definition is probably one of the closest ones to my original thoughts on the issue. I found her idea of politicism overriding the person fascinating, especially when the word Queer and all that it encompasses clearly has a political impact, but it doesn't come across as a political label. Although, eventually, I'm sure it will.

Finally, Antonio's version of Queer describes to me the freedom of living outside the rules of standard society. I don't take advantage of that freedom as much as Antonio, but just knowing I can is extremely liberating and important to me.

QueerJoe's Concept of Queer
First off, I love taking what has been an insult for most of my faggy little childhood, and turning that into a term of pride in who I am. It's my way of taking any hateful power from that word and instead embracing it with a love for every aspect of who I am. Redefining that word is similar to how the early GLBT community took the pink triangle, the Nazi symbol of hate for the gay men in concentration camps, and displayed that as a symbol of gay pride.

Second, it's my way of saying that I'm different, just like everbody else. The Queer label allows a certain amount of authority when commenting on style (or lack of style). It's what Lisa, Michael and Antonio described much better than I ever could.

Despite my initial selfish regret over initiating this topic, I'm ever so glad that I asked for others' thoughts on this. It has suprisingly been extremely eye-opening for me. Thank you all.

Knitting Progress
Nothing to get overly excited about. I did another inch and a half on the back of Passing Lane. I'm sure you know by now that most of my big progress gets made over the weekends, and with a four day weekend for me this week, I should get a LOT done.

You'll note that I got a little carried away when I packed for these four days in Albany. In addition to the first cake of yarn that I had almost finished, I packed four additional cakes of yarn. Obviously I could have gotten away with packing just one additional cake, but who knew?

Reader Makeovers
My, my, you people have been extremely busy with the makeover site.

First up, we have not one, but two different looks from our friend Antonio. Gotta say, I love them both, but as Kathy will probably say (if she's back from bringing spawn of satan to school), all the cute guys must be gay.

Then we got not one, not two, but three versions of makeovers for the lovely Dani of PurlGirl blog fame. For those regular readers of her blog, you'll have already seen the many facets of this wonderful woman, but I present them here nonetheless.

Finally, last, but definitely not least is the lovely, Las Vegas Showgirl Sammi (clearly she didn't need much makeover).

You folks really seemed to enjoy this drag thing a little too much I think. But as the Queer in me would say, "Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing."