Friday, August 08, 2003

Camera's Back!!!

Having gotten home last night, I now have access to my camera pictures again.

Blog Ring Comments Again
It was gratifying to see Indigirl write her comment about administering a blog ring. After I posted the last blog entry, I was concerned that blog ring administrators might have taken my comments as critiques of them, and that was the last thing I wanted to do.

You'll notice that despite all my whining about blog ring behavior, I don't administer a blog ring of my own. I'm glad there are folks like Indigirl out there that do.

I'm Torn
When I read comments on my blog about folks who feel intimidated about writing comments there, it kind of makes me happy and kind of makes me sad.

Happy, in that the Newcomer's rules and others' comments make folks think before they post.

Sad, in that some very valuable and thoughtful comments might never be posted because of intimidation.

The funny thing about it all is, I don't think most folks who know me in real life would ever consider me very intimidating. Blunt maybe sometimes, but not intimidating.

Knitting Meet-up
Last chance to join in the fun. Anyone in the Bucks, PA or Hunterdon/Mercer County, NJ areas, we'd be more than happy to have you join the little group.

As I mentioned the other day, FiestaWear is moving along nicely.

I've almost finished all the increases to get the width of the finished sleeve, and then it will be just a couple more rows of color blocks, and the sleeves will be done. I'm hopeful to finish the sleeves by tonight or tomorrow morning, and then put it all together after the meet up tomorrow.

Zachary Blanket
I mentioned earlier this week that I had made some progress on the Zachary Blanket.

This is about 3/5ths done, so I still have quite a bit of work on it. Fortunately, the yarn for the new baby project hasn't come in yet, so I'll work on completing the blanket during the upcoming week.