Friday, August 01, 2003

Knitting Magazines

I always try to pick up the latest magazines, and I probably have most issues of Knitters, Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits from the past few years.

IK and Vogue
I picked up these two magazines at Simply Knit last night, and glanced through them this morning.

First of all, both of the magazines have two advertisements each for the two new Jamieson books, although the two ads for "Simply Knit 2" are disguised as ads for Lana Grossa yarns.

Second, I much prefer Vogue this time, although I don't hate IK either.

The clear winner in my mind in both magazines is Teva Durham. She has two great color designs in vogue, and great looking coat in IK. The color combinations in her two Vogue sweaters are just plain beautiful.

I don't follow designers or editors of magazines very much, but I guess she has been designing for a while and was the editor of Vogue Knitting for a while. There's a site that sells some of her designs (none of which I was very fond of):

Teva Durham's Designs

Vogue also has a nice Brandon Mably design and a boring, but not horrible Kaffe Fassett design.

IK could have been less than stellar if not for a couple of interesting designs, mostly Annie Modesitt's Diminishing Cables design.

The Knitting Curmudgeon has a blog entry/discussion on how knit technicians often don't create good looking completed garments. Annie is clearly the exception.

FiestaWear Pullover
Knitting has been somewhat slow, but thankfully error-free after the first few gaffes. I must admit, it feels like it goes a lot faster when I do one sleeve at a time. But hopefully it's at least as fast this way.

New Baby Project
I found the perfect yarn for the new baby project and picked up some of it last night when I stopped at Simply Knit for the two magazines. I am starting to get very excited, but I am trying to resist swatching this garment until I've finished the FiestaWear Pullover.

New Books
In addition to the fortuitous find of POK this past week, I also picked up a new book at Borders (at least new for me), Designing Knitwear by Deborah Newton.

I like how she describes the designing process, and while I haven't read it all yet, I'll be interested to read about how she does color design.

My knitting friend Janis (the pregnant one) also gave me Alice Starmore's "Sweaters for Men" because she didn't really want it.

After looking through the pictures, I can fully understand why she didn't want it. Some of these designs are hideous. Mostly, it's just because of the dating of the designs, but it's amazing how someone as well known as Alice can make such ugly garments.