Monday, August 11, 2003


Nothing more satisfying than finishing something worth finishing.

FiestaWear is DONE!!
I worked like crazy to finish the sleeves, and then sew them into the body of the sweater. I used my standard technique for which I have a picture tutorial somewhere.

Then, of course there were the side seams that required seaming. Fortunately on this sweater, I could make sure the seams were even because of the color changes every 16 rows. Although, on the other hand, seaming knit/purl pattern stitches can get a little ugly.

Overall, it came out very well, and I am more than happy with how this sweater looks on me as well (although the pictures don't really show it off that well).

I had to let Gage experience the feeling of completion as well.

Click Here for additional pictures.

Primary Project
Now I can focus primarily on finishing the baby blanket for my coworkers baby boy, Zachary.

I'm enjoying my version of the King Charles Brocade, and it's a nice relief after the concentration that FiestaWear required.

My version of the original is very close, so it's no surprise they look similar in the pictures. I think I'm only making a slightly smaller diamond than the pattern calls for.

I'd like to finish this blanket by the end of the upcoming weekend.

Stitches East
As of right now, I'll be going to Stitches on Friday and Saturday.

I don't take classes there, but I do enjoy the market, and seeing knitters from across the country that I only run into once a year. I'm planning at staying in a Fairfield Inn about 8 miles from the Convention Center, even though it's only about a 2 hour drive.

I also hang out a lot at the Simply Knit booth, and help them write up sales when they get busy.

I'm already looking forward to Stitches this year.