Saturday, December 07, 2002

Phase 3 - Struggle

I've decided there are about four phases in many of my knitting projects:

Phase 1 - Excitement/Inspiration at casting on a new project
Phase 2 - Settling into the pattern, enjoyable knitting time
Phase 3 - Struggling to push myself past where two thirds of the garment is done
Phase 4 - Happiness at being on the home stretch and finishing the knitting

Right now, I'm at Phase 3 in the niece's sweater. I made a deal that I wouldn't attend to blog duties this morning until I finished another repeat of the cable pattern (24 rows on 108 stitches...a fair deal). Well, I finished my obligation, but it continues to be a struggle. I'm bound and determined to get the front done this weekend, so I have a lot of work to do.

Depending on how soon into the weekend I can get the front of the hooded, zippered, purple pullover done, will determine if I can get the weekly inch done on the bedspread/coffin cover. That's kind of like my dessert.