Saturday, December 21, 2002

Knit Accomplis!!

Unless there's punishment or reward, I have no incentive to finish anything.

I promised I wouldn't post to my blog until I had finished the knitting portion of the Purple Thing. Yesterday morning, I finally completed the second sleeve and both sides of the hood (remember, it's hooded). Technically, I really still have to knit the zipper/hood band, but I consider that more finishing than knitting.

I realized I might not have enough yarn, so I ran down to my local yarn store to pick up another skein...just in case.

Well, I'm glad I did hit the yarn store, because I was about 5 yards short of the yarn, and it came in handy this morning as I finished knitting all pieces:

Then I put in some gros grain ribbon to make sure the neckline had some structure:

Then I put in the zipper (with advice from my sister, the master seamstress).

I can't tell you how happy I am with the result. I just have to sew up the side seams and fix a seaming error on one sleeve and then wash this thing, and I'm DONE!!!

Little Gage is happy with the result too