Monday, June 02, 2003

My People

Sometimes when I'm joking with friends, I will discuss the gay, lesbian and transgendered population as "my people".

Knit Meet Up
This weekend, it took on a different meaning. I got to meet up with Marilyn and Kathy, two of my favorite knitters in the area. We started off at Simply Knit and showed off our current projects. Marilyn's Aran sweater in Cashmerino for Achim is stunning. The color is rich and beautiful and the softness it just sublime. She took a picture of me wearing it (which I hope she posts to her blog). She's lucky she got the sweater back.

Here's a picture of "my people" in Lambertville:

You'll notice that Kathy is wearing a great multi-colored sweater. She made this amazing crochet raglan pullover that looks great. We also got to see another of her crochet designs in more pastel shades.

Both Marilyn and I agreed that Kathy gives crochet a good name.

And another one of me and Marilyn.

Missing Yarn - No More
Thanks to Jillian, I was able to get the remaining yarn I needed to finish an Aran cardigan started years ago. I continue to say that the internet is an amazing place. I got this yarn on Friday with a nice little postcard from Jillian. My part of the trade will be sent out tomorrow, Jillian, sorry for the delay.

I should have the first sleeve of Donegal done this week. Not only did I finish the second pattern repeat, I'm almost done with the third one now. It's zipping right along.

I tried Donegal on for Kathy and Marilyn and asked their opinion on whether they thought I could block Donegal so that it would fit me, and they both thought I absolutely could. I thought so too, so it seems all this work will not have to end up as a gift.

As to Peter's comment about not enjoying wearing a sweater that I don't knit with pride and joy, I don't really subscribe to that belief. I have an armoire full of handknit sweaters, some of which ended up being a pain to knit as I neared the finish. But I love each and every one of them.

If everyone believed that a painful process begets an unwanted finished product, then there would be a lot of unloved newborns. While the mothers who read this would probably disagree, some of my sweaters felt like childbirth.