Sunday, July 13, 2003

Knitting Personalities

I often say that the personality required to get elected as president of the United States is one that most U.S. citizens wouldn't want as president.

What Makes a Knitter?
I've also been known to say that it doesn't take much intelligence or creativity or vibrance or enthusiasm or vision to be a knitter. All it really seems to take is perseverance. There are many knitters who know how to do all the requisite stitches, and can follow a pattern and even modify the pattern. What many knitters lack is the ability to understand how a sweater will look when it's completed. The drape of the fabric, the color combinations (if different than the pattern picture), how it will fit the intended recipient, etc.

What makes an extraordinary knitter is someone who takes the time to try out different things. I've seen swatches that Alice Starmore did for various Fair Isles, and she sometimes did 20 or more color combinations before she settled on one for a particular design. Also someone who can extrapolate what the effect on the fabric will be when changing the gauge or the fiber type (e.g. wool to alpaca). I also have enormous respect for people that know how to put together great colors. Also being fearless in knitting I find extremely valuable. Not being afraid to try a new technique, or attempt something difficult, or even knitting something that is a complete failure and ripping it out and trying again.

Suffice it to say, I strive to be one of the extraordinary knitters, and this blog is about encouraging other knitters to do the same. I've been very fortunate to have met some great knitters through this blog, and I only hope more and more of the creative geniuses in knitting gravitate to places like this blog.

Speaking of which, you have to check out Wendy's most recent Fair Isle. I've always thought that she had an incredible eye for amazing sweater designs, and she certainly has the knitting talent to execute them.

Mini Chock-a-Block
Since returning home from vacation, I've made some progress on the front of MCaB. I've done a few rows of blocks, but with the busy weekend of catching up on vacation bills and e-mail, it's been a little slow.

I did get a chance to talk with the ladies at Simply Knit and found out that the Unicorn editor thought the back panel of MCaB was very good. They also got the copies of the galleys for the next Jamieson book and the next Simply Knit book. I'm hopeful to get into the store to see them both today.

Although I've heard tell that there's a note from the publisher that I can not put any of it on the internet yet. Good to know, otherwise I might have scanned the entire thing and published it to the blog.

Vacation Hardship
All the work required to get myself tanned over the course of the last week or so, I thought the least I could do is show you that I did in fact get some color.