Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Lousy Snow

I hate cold, winter, snow...etc., etc., etc. What the hell am I doing living in Pennsylvania?

Earflap Cap Again
I finished a tester version of the revised earflap cap which looks very similar to the one in the movie. I did it in a dark brown, fine tweed silk (old discontinued Rowan yarn). Thaddeus still thinks it's too tight and this one is too long as well. Fortunately, I had already started a new one in Rowan DK...a beautiful dark olive color. This one will be perfect and will also look good on him.

Then it's off to...

Yes, this Friday, I will be off to lovely Cancun for 8 days.

Thaddeus and I will be going with a friend of ours. This is an annual event for Thaddeus and I, and I can't wait to get to a place that's warm and sunny. During that time, I won't be checking e-mail, updating my blog or helping moderate any lists....that's why they call it "vacation". I will, however, be bringing knitting...of course. I don't know what I'll bring...probably a to-be-determined socks project.

Marianne Isager
In all the excitement of Valentine's Day, Thaddeus' birthday, sister-sweater presentation day and the biggest snow storm in decades, I almost forgot that I got the first of my orders from Denmark. Marianne Isager's most recent book, Afrika came in the mail from Pinnsvin this weekend, and it is GREAT.

I've looked through it a number of times, and I think my favorite design is a beautiful African design Fair Isle.

I just love the color and the design combination. The book is full of interesting designs and patterns. I can't wait for her first book to arrive from Denmark.