Sunday, January 12, 2003

The Best Laid Plans...

It appears that I'm about as good at predicting my own knitting as Cleo is (she's not even Jamaican!).

Knitting Progress
After tallying all the votes, and deciding my sister's sweater would be the next project (with some possible side projects as well), my plans were totally thrown out the window this past week.

I got hoodwinked into selling some things at a friend's Art/Craft Show this coming Sunday (a week from today) and I realized I needed to have a few more than three items to display there. So now I had to come up with some quick things that could possibly appeal to an artsy crowd. Here's my current inventory (and what I've been working on this week):

1. Head Hugger Hats - I've made a total of four and I have another on the needles
2. A Koigu cross-stitch scarf (the one I didn't send to Wendy)
3. A Koigu cross-stitch shawl
4. A teal novelty scarf made out of Fee
5. A black novelty scarf made out of Fee
6. A purple novelty scarf made out of one strand each of Salsa and Fizz
It's amazing how many knitted pieces I can finish when I put my mind to it. I plan on doing one more scarf using Fee (burgundy), one more purple Salsa/Fizz scarff and one more Head Hugger Hat in a plan Manos-like yarn called Araucania. We'll see how much I actually get done.

My Sister's Sweater
I haven't totally neglected my sister's sweater.

I got to the next pattern stitch section of the sweater, and I anticipate working on it as soon as this show is over. I should be able to make significant headway when it's the only piece I'm working on.