Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Documenting Ten Years of Awesome

This past Men's Spring Knitting Retreat was the 10th retreat, so put together a video montage of all my photos from the first nine years to present to the guys this year.

Assured Success

We've never been quite sure why, although we have lots of thoughts on the matter, but the Men's Spring Knitting Retreats always have an immense impact on the men attending, usually in ways that are different than what they might have expected.

Photos don't do the experience justice, but I'll present them as the only way of hinting at how amazing our time together was this year.

Alasdair, Jeff and Bruce

Tommy, Phillip and Michael

Bob, Matthew and Aaron

Christopher, Greg, John, Hayes and Kirk

Dave and Barry

Dave and John

Warping a rigid heddle loom with Dave, Peter, Dennis and Daniel

Dinner time

Gary, Nick, Tom and Phillip


Jeff, Sam and Tim

John, Chad, Bill and Dave

Kirk, Colin and Tom

Kirk Phil and John

Kirk and Tommy

Veryl, Dave, Matthew and Rob looking through Knitter's Pride swag!

Franklin's Lace workshop

Matthew and Jeff


Phil, Minh and Steve

Phil and Vithard

Rob and Steve

Ryan and Steve

Bruce at Show and Tell

Sam and Tommy

Steve and Ryan

Tom, Phillip and Gary

Warping a rigid heddle loom with Ryan and Dave

Readers' Comments/Questions

Maureen comments, "The photos are lovely, but I'm really dying to hear all about the special blanket you made - did you give it to the owners of the Retreat house? - or was it raffled? - and was it well-received? I loved that blanket!"

Thanks Maureen...the blanket was donated to the retreat center as part of their 17th year anniversary auction which took place this past weekend, but I haven't yet heard how it did.  I'll let you know as soon as I know.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friends, Fans and Foes

This year's Men's Spring Knitting Retreat found us hosting both current and upcoming superstars in the world of fiber...honestly, they're all superstars in my book!

Retreat - It Means Just That

There were a number of guys at the retreat this year that brought persona's with them.  Guys known for their expertise or their talents and also emerging personalities in the fiber world.

Given that the retreat gives guys the opportunity to retreat from their everyday lives and connect deeply with each other, I encouraged all who attended to take advantage of the opportunity and to just enjoy each others' company and revel in the magic of the retreat.

It was a smashing success.

I can't tell you how thrilled I was when a guy-pile photo was taken which included one of the attending men who is quite well known.  One of his adoring fans commented that it was "nice to see him surrounded by fans."  She was quickly corrected by one of the attendees of the retreat with the single word, "friends."  Which was exactly right...he had reconnected with old friends and made a lot of new friends during the retreat, but no one demanded that he did anything but be one of the guys.

For many of us, that kind of support is awesome.

These photos are the first of a two-part photo montage of the guys attending the retreat...I hope you can get a little taste of what it was like to be there.

Franklin and Bill

Alasdair, Steve and Chad

David and John

Hayes, Lars and Rob

Jeff, Sam and Tim

John and John

Kirk, Colin and Tom

Matthew and Jeff

Mike, Ted and Dennis



Sam, John and Rob

Steve, Bob and Ryan

Tom, Jeff and Minh

Vithard, Christopher and Jeff

Tom, Greg and Chad

Phillip, Ted and Dennis
 Are you able to pick out the current superstars?  The future superstars?  The down-low superstars?