Friday, June 08, 2018

Unfriending Alpaca Farmers

Being a proud snowflake (which is a euphemism for queer in my mind), I have decided that I don't need to see Facebook posts that are either hateful or ask me to profess my love for a god or Jesus.

Why Are All the Assholes Alpaca Farmers?

A while ago, when I decided to quickly expand my "friends" on Facebook, I just started adding a lot of the recommended friends without really knowing who they were.  It was egotistical, but I wanted a lot of Facebook "friends."

For some reason, there must be a very large number of alpaca farmers in my Facebook universe and they all started to friend me and I just accepted their friend requests willy nilly.

Now, as I'm reading through my posts and I find anything hateful, racists, supportive of our POS POTUS, anti-Clinton/Obama/Mueller or if I see regular posts asking for "amens" or ways accepting Jesus as one's personal savior has made one's life glorious...I just unfriend the person immediately.

At least 90% of those unfriended lately guessed it...alpaca farmers.

These people are some of the stupidest, most hateful, willfully ignorant people I run into on social media.  I know this sounds like I'm taking a broad brush to a somewhat random population...but that has been my anecdotal experience.

Now, I'm sure there are exceptions...I'm sure, because I know some amazing alpaca farmers who are smart, loving, supportive people.

But in my most recent experience, Christopher Guest should do a sequel-like movie about alpaca breeders and farmers similar to "Best In Show" and he wouldn't have to exaggerate anything to show a crazy bunch of nut jobs and to create a hilariously funny movie.

Current Knitting

While I clean out the hate on my Facebook feed, progress moves forward on the Heart Baby Blanket.

I'm thinking I'll need to do a total of 9 rows of hearts, possibly 10 to make it a nicely proportioned blanket for swaddling, using in a crib, etc., so I have a few more rows of hearts to finish.

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