Tuesday, May 29, 2018

MSKR 2018 - Final Post - The Men

Yes, the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat is held in a beautiful place each year.  Yes, we have amazing fiber-talent willing to donate their time and expertise to lead workshops.  But what really makes the event amazing...

The Men

Photos don't do this group of guys justice since they don't convey the support, the enthusiasm and the passion that our group displays...but they're the best I can do.  At least the photos will remind the participants about how awesome it was.

Chris, Dave and Steven

Matt and Veryl
Jack and Jack

John, Sam and Greg

Joe, Colin and Sam
Greg, Steve and Franz-Josef

Mac and Franklin

Mac and John
Steve and his Sockmatician Scarf

Kirk Greg and Mac

John, Chet, Steve and Franz-Josef

Brady, Bob, Steve, Jim and Kirk

Bob, Steve, Kirk, Franklin, John, Rob, John and Tom

Brady, John, Bob, Chris, Aaron, Rob, John and Tom

Bill and Minh

Sun Deck Knitting
As I fondly look back through all my photos, I'll look forward to seeing what the September East Coast Retreat at Easton Mountain will be like and get exciting about being in on the ground floor of what might be the new "most awesome."

Current Knitting

I worked diligently over the holiday weekend to finish The Brethren Sock (which was designed for one of the Men's Knitting Retreats).

I couldn't be more pleased with how they turned out.  Late-night knitting and watching television required me to rip back to fix an error in one of the cabling rows, but the rhythm of this design got more and more comfortable as I progressed.

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