Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Siren Song of the Fiber World

I find myself powerless to resist multiple calls from the island of Sirens beckoning me to knit, spin and crank.

Triple Siren

Recently I noted how Celeste enticed me back to getting my antique circular sock machine (CSM) back into working order.

I have also seen a video of Tommy processing wool at his mill in Minnesota that made my hands yearn to get back to spinning.

And the never-ending call of knitted projects continues to demand that I stitch.

The CSM continues to draw me in with it's challenges and how it expands my skill set through learning how to fix errors.  I finally got dozens of persnickety adjustments set up in a way that I could successfully knit ribbing on my machine and cranked out this sock with 3x1 rib at the top!

I can't tell you how exhilarating it was to have the machine evenly, smoothly knitting and purling...the clickety-clack of the cylinder needles and the ribber needles working together was completely satisfying.  Unfortunately, a minor adjustment to the yarn-feeder on the machine stymied my attempts to make the second/matching I will continue to work at my expanding skills on the CSM.

I am also back to spinning Tommy's Magic Roving (that's what I call it).  Rabbit, lambswool, silk and other fibers make for both a challenging and delightful spinning experience.  I can't wait to ply up this yarn and see how it knits up.

Finally, I am about halfway through the length of the Read-Between-the-Lines Shawl and even as the number of stitches increases every other row of knitting, I know that I am creating a large and beautiful garment that someone will cherish and love.

I will always respond to the Siren song of fiber never seems to leave me shipwrecked on the rocky shores of some Greek Island.

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