Friday, July 14, 2017

A Bit Scattered

My craft space and stash storage area had gotten a little out of hand, so I decided to do another clean up of the area.

Rummaging Generates Ideas

Going through bags of yarn and storing books back on the shelves generates a lot of ideas.

As an example, I found a loan hank of merino (or maybe cormo) yarn that would make a quick easy man's hat, so I banged it out.

Just a bit of accent color with the natural yarn color added a lot with the cast-on edge and Latvian braid.

I'm also working on another Koigu wrap using a new stitch pattern that I hope will look as interesting as the Old Shale wrap I made with the other colorway.

Finally, I'm also making progress on the latest Colorblock Baby Blanket.

The last two colorblocks will be bright pink and deep teal/green.

I need to remember that anytime I clean and/or rummage, I will always end up starting at least a couple of new projects.

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