Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm not a very patient person.  I get an idea in my head and I need to act on it immediately, even if that means having a less positive outcome.

Intolerance for Lack of Immediacy

Honestly, I just have little tolerance for waiting for things to unfold naturally.  In some ways, this isn't the best way to handle life...instead of waiting for a wound to heal naturally, picking and prodding it just seems so much more satisfying.

In other ways, immediacy forces results much more quickly.

Thaddeus is great when it comes to patiently waiting some things out.  He'll wait until our vitamins go on sale before ordering them...even when my mind is screaming..."What if we run out?!?!"  He'll calmly watch for the perfect planting vessel for his cannis to show up at the local flea market even as Spring approaches way too quickly for my tastes.

I, on the other hand, can't seem to wait it out.  I wanted display heads for my craft show and paid top dollar for them instead of trying to find something that would work for me.  I ended up buying these heads...

...and then these two beauties showed up at the flea market for less than half the price.

They show off my knitted items very well.

I even found a spot to store them that makes them easily accessible in case I want to use them for staging photos for the blog.

So, being impatient ended up having me own four mannequin heads for display even though I may have paid more than I would have otherwise.

Current Knitting

I've been focusing solely on finishing the knitting of the Easton Mountain logo blanket.

I've completed all six panels, joined them together, finished the side borders and now I'm working on the bottom border.  I also wove in most ends, but I still need to find an appropriate fabric to use as a backing for the blanket.  I'm thinking about getting some flannel fabric to back this with.

Anyone have any reasons not to use a flannel or fleece backing?

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