Friday, March 03, 2017


Is there no end to what skills can be learned in the hobby of knitting?

Duplicate Stitch

In thirty years of knitting, you'd have thought that I have done everything there is to do in knitting, but as I was working on my current intarsia project (which needed to be fixed) I realized I had never actually done duplicate stitch before.

In the latest photo of the Easton Mountain logo blanket, you'll note that the slopes of the purple mountains don't line up in the two panels.

I have ripped out almost as much as I have actually knit on this project and I decided I would try fixing this gaffe with duplicate stitch. 

After a short period of stitching, I had successfully fixed the top section of the mountaintop.

Now I just have to fix the bottom half.

Trying out a new skill in knitting never seems to get less exciting for me.  If you'd like to try out some adventurous knitting skills using a Lucy Neatby Craftsy course, I'd highly recommend her Fearless Knitting course (which happens to demonstrate duplicate knitting very well).

Current Knitting

The duplicate stitching was prompted by the fact that I had finished the sixth panel for the logo.

Now I just have to graft it onto the rest of the blanket, knit a border and then line the blanket.  I'm grateful I have until May.

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