Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Group Projects

I've never been a very good manager of teams who weren't already independently responsible.  I suck at delegation and my motto has always been, "It's easier to do it myself."

Going Against My Grain

Given my predilection for doing things without help, I've decided to override those leanings, and I've begun a project with my Men's Knitting Retreat group to do a 10th anniversary team knitting project.

The graphic above is a representation of the logo Easton Mountain uses, and will eventually be transformed into a knitted blanket to be given as a 10th anniversary gift to the retreat center.

I've already received the yarn for the project (an acrylic/superwash wool blend from KnitPicks).

Some of the guys have also already volunteered to knit sections of the blanket.

Now I have to swatch the yarn, put together knitting specifications, assign sections of the blanket to the volunteers, send out the yarn and specifications all over the world, get the sections back, sew them together and possible line the blanket since it will be knit in all stockinette.

Fortunately, I have until May to get it all done.

Current Knitting

More work on the Biased Wrap was completed, but you'll note I got distracted by two other projects as well.

The Biased Wrap is turning out beautifully, and despite all the garter stitch, it's actually been quite an enjoyable knit. My sister told me she needed a pair of mittens for a friend by this Saturday, so I've put all else on hold until those are finished.  And the deep red garment with safety pins attached is a new scarf project that woke me up one night in full design mode...I had to start it immediately in the morning when I woke up.

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