Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Big Reveal

The blog contest to guess what yarn I used for my interlocking crochet scarves was very revealing to me, so now it's time to reveal to you!

Twists and Turns and Deception

So, I have a confession to make...I re-wound the yarn in hanks to disguise the source.

One other confession...I'm no where close to being a yarn snob.

One last confession before the reveal...when I can find an inexpensive alternative to anything, I will always try it to see if it's as good (or better) than the more expensive alternatives.

All that being said, you can either go to this URL:

The mystery yarn - REVEALED!

Shocking, no?

Current Crochet

I have finished crocheting the bright scarf, but still working on the subtle scarf.  Also started a third, brighter scarf.

If you like this scarf pattern (or any other pattern that mixes multi-colored yarn well), you should definitely go get some self-patterning colors of Sock-Ease...I'll be discussing all the reasons I like this in an upcoming blog entry.

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