Friday, June 10, 2016

49 Amazing Men

Yes, every single one of them...amazing!

Gratitude for Men Who Knit

The community of men who are into fiber arts astounds me each year...or at least the men that make their way to a Men's Knitting Retreat each year.

(Sitting Left to Right) - Peter, Ron, Veryl, Jeff, Nick, Ben, Ron, Kevin, Steven, Ken, Dave, Kenny (Kneeling Left to Right) - Christopher, Jack, Dennis, Hayes, Ted, Daniel, Jason, John, Michael, Brady, Kirk (Standing Left to Right) - Ray, Kevin, Steve, Barry, Colin, Phil, Ian, Tom, Bruce, Leo, Rob, Chad, Matthew, David, Tom, Tim, Ryan, Aaron, Michael, Gary, Joe, Alasdair, Bill, John, Phil, Mark
And the fact that I could add the caption to that photo by memory (at my age), not to mention that I have a personal relationship with each and every guy in the photo (yes, including myself), is a profound statement in and of itself.

I know I said I had finished posting about this year's retreat, but I just wanted to acknowledge this group of guys one last time.

Current Knitting/Crocheting

I picked up the nephew cardigan to finally start the finishing.

I've attached the sleeves and sewn up the side seams and the under-sleeves.  Now I just have to do the button band and collar.

I also go a couple of more rows done on the the Rowan LDK Afghan, and as beautiful as it is, it doesn't deserve another photo.

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