Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Misnomer of I-Cord

I-Cord is simply, a knitted tube of a limited number of stitches that creates a tubular cord.  It was named this by Elizabeth Zimmermann as a shortened version of Idiot-Cord.

Brilliant Design - Let's Call it B-Cord

Yes, I've decided that the architecture and method of creating this amazing knitted cord deserves a much less derisive name.

The two traditional ways of making b-cord were either using two double-pointed needles:

or by using a knitting spool:

But now, there is a beautiful, easy and fun way of making this delightful cord of many uses.

The I-Cord EZ Knitter creates a very cool 8-needle b-cord and is handmade here in the U.S.  I think I may just need to own one of these beauties:

Current Knitting

Finally finished the sleeves on the nephew cardigan.

New just the button band, collar, sewing up, sewing on buttons, weaving in ends, washing and blocking.

Is it just me who forgets sometimes all that goes into making a full-blown hand-knit sweater?

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