Monday, April 25, 2016

Daunting or No?

Every time I find a mistake in my knitting, I always think that fixing it will be painful and impossible.

To Fix or Not to Fix

Indeed, that is the question.

Recently, I realized I had mad a mistake in the linen stitch blanket I'm making for my niece.

Here's a closer photo.

See those elongated row of pink loops?

My first thought was I'm not ripping out 10 or 12 rows of knitting and keeping two colorways of yarn untangled while I do it, and then picking up 146 stitches in linen stitch.  The task seemed insurmountable...completely daunting.  It took a long time to knit those rows!  It's hardly noticeable...right?  I continued to knit another couple of rows, realizing I was only postponing the inevitable.

I couldn't stand to have that mistaken row left in this as you can see from the needle-less blanket, I did end up ripping out the rows.

As usual, it took me very little time to rip out the rows, pick up the stitches and re-coup all the work I had done.

Why do I agonize over this every time it happens?

Current Knitting

So here's where I am now with the niece blanket.

And here's the closer shot, so you can verify I did, in fact, go back and correct the mistaken row.

All is right in my world now.

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