Friday, February 19, 2016

Complexities of Vision

And yes, I'm talking about my actual I've just completed a vision exam, now I have to decide on what glasses to get...who would have thought the decision would be quite so overwhelming.

Lenses and Coatings and Frames, Oh My!

My far-vision requires a little bit of assistance at night or in a movie theater, but not critical.
My close-vision requires a bit more help for reading, knitting and other close up tasks, like clipping my nails.

I currently have single-vision lenses that correct my far vision extremely well, but when I'm wearing them, I can't see my computer or GPS or iPhone very well.

First off, I have to figure out what kind of lenses I want.

Do I want single-vision,  bi-focals or progressives?  Should I stick with my single-vision glasses for far-vision and just use cheaters for close-up tasks? Should I get bi-vision lenses that let me see far and close?  Should I get bi-vision lenses that let me see far and mid-range close?

Then there are coatings.  Should I get my lenses coated for scratch resistance, UV rays, anti-glare, anti-fog and/or self-darkening/lightening?

And then of course the decision on frames.  Do I get cheap, insurance-covered frames or expensive designer frames?  Should they make a statement or just compliment my face and appearance?

Here's what I'm currently thinking:

Bi-vision, progressive lenses for far-distance and close-up work, with scratch resistance and anti-glare coating, in designer frames that compliment my face without making a statement.

Sounds like a $1,000 pair of glasses....I'll post a photo when I finally decide and get the glasses.

Current Knitting

Despite my not-so-great close-up vision, I have been able to finish the pocket lining on the nephew cardigan and start the sleeves.

Slow, but steady progress will be the goal, and I'm hoping that sticking with this one project exclusively will get me through the sleeves faster.

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