Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fleece and Friends Weekend

Each year, the Garden State Sheep Breeders Festival gets better and better...both in terms of vendors and in terms of the friends that attend.

New Jersey's Own Fiber Festival

This past weekend, friends Marilyn, Jack and Hayes came to lovely Ringoes, NJ to check out NJ's contribution

The vendors included Mindy from Puff the Magic Rabbit and Verdant Gryphon yarns, as well as many more.  It's a small show, but I still decided to limit myself to just what I could fit in my Kaffe quilting bag.

Of course, the first thing I see is a $355 yarn swift and hank winder that I just fell in love with...but not enough to spend $355 for it.

I ended up buying the following fiber and yarn.

Mindy had about 5 ounces of first-shearing mohair from Adama, one her beautiful goats.

I had to have it, and I figure I will blend it with some of my existing fiber to make a silky and beautifully soft roving.  I also got some beautifully dyed yarn from Mindy while I was at it.

I saw a scarf at the Haymarket vendor's booth that I wanted to make, but I couldn't tell the pattern stitch, so I bought two hanks of yarn to get the pattern for "free."  It's Lorna's Laces yarn, and I think the two colorways will blend well in the scarf pattern (just yesterday, I found a free copy of the pattern on Pinterest...but I'm still glad to have the yarn and pattern).

I can't walk by the Verdant Gryphon booth without buying yarn.  Her dyeing is fantastic and I ended up spending most of my money there.

I have no idea what I will make with these yarns, but I know whatever it is, they will be fantastic.

I'm starting to love the annual NJ fiber festival more than most...both because of the caliber of vendors and the friends it's starting to attract.  Plus, it's practically in my back yard.

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