Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chantarelle Mushroom Season Again

The most abundant edible wild mushroom in our area is the beautiful chantarelle mushroom and Thaddeus is in his glory during this time of year when they appear.

Nature's Bounty

This lovely egg-yolk colored, trumpet shaped mushroom keeps us in mushroom goodness for a while each year.

Thaddeus went out foraging this past weekend with a friend of his and they brought in a huge haul of these beauties.

Here are his:

Here are his friend Lena's:

And they also found some of my favorites at this time of trumpets!

I already ate the black trumpets and lived to blog about it...they made an excellent omelet.

Current Crochet

Continuing work on the Rowan LDK Afghan.

Again, I'm sure from a blog reader's perspective, this progress is like watching paint dry (yes, I think I've added 3 color stripes since last blog post photos), but I really like the ease of working this project and I've always thought persistence is the main quality a knitter needs to be successful and prolific over a long period of time.  Persistant, I am.

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