Monday, May 04, 2015

Historic Day at QueerJoe

Can anyone guess what this might mean?

Longest WIP Ever

I bought the yarn for this project in November 0f 2002...right around the same time I started blogging at QueerJoe.

Some reader/enabler told me about a deal on this yarn...175 yards per hank at $1 each.  I bought around 60 hanks and on US1 needles, started knitting the never-ending bedspread.

The WIP has comforted three different cats (Gage, Nico and now Finn) fact, Nico used to enjoy nesting in this project so much, I made him a miniature version of the blanket to wrap him in before he we buried made me feel a little better at the time.

Last night, I started binding off this blanket.  It's about six feet in length now.

I still have a lot of work to go...the edging, the sewing-in of a LOT of ends and washing and blocking, but beginning to bind off this project is a major milestone for me and anyone that's followed this blog for the last 12 years.

Other Current Knitting

I have done a bit more work on the latest blanket.

While I think I need to buy a bit more of this yarn for a blanket the size I'm looking for, I am very pleased with how this is turning out.

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