Monday, April 20, 2015

Carol's Latest Masterpiece

Has anyone gotten their copy of Carol's latest book - Lace Yarn Studio: Garments, Hats, and Fresh Ideas for Lace Yarn

For the Finer Gauge Folks

I have always loved working with fine yarns...both in gauge and in fiber content, so I just ordered my copy of Carol's latest book.  Her work is always wonderfully inspiring , so I'm looking forward to seeing what she's done with lace-weight yarns.

I'm honestly amazed that all that goes into a book can be sold  on Amazon for a mere $12...I mean, 25 patterns, photographs and all the amazing work that goes into any book...and this one's from Carol!  Seems like quite a bargain to me.

 Plus, I have a ton of lace-weight in my stash.

Current Knitting

I couldn't be more pleased that I restarted the latest niece blanket.

The fabric is spongy now, so I'm thrilled I switched to the larger needle and the cable down the center is still completely reversible and doesn't bulge out and ruffle out like the old design did.

I may have trouble giving this blanket away when it's finished.

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