Monday, December 29, 2014

A Merry Christmas Indeed

I love being around my family, and Christmas is usually the time I get to spend the most concentrated amount of time with many of them.

My mom and niece Kelly

And I Get Gifts

Being known as "the knitter" in the family, my family often thinks of me when they see knitting-related items at a yard sale or flea market.  My sister-in-law in Massachusetts (she's the one the used to be my sister-out-of-law until they changed the laws) is an avid yard sale person, so I was the proud recipient of all this:

America's Knitting Book

The copy of "America's Knitting Book" by Gertrude Taylor is a great book, especially for someone looking for a great beginner's guide to knitting.  The stack of patterns/magazines were mostly Classic Elite patterns with such famous designer names as Linda Pratt, Kristin Nicholas and Melissa Leapman.  There were also some miscellaneous magazines and random designs.

Current Knitting

I finished the third of three hats, any of which my niece Sadie is welcome to have.

I have to admit, I really love Stephen West's "Westward" hat design.  It allowed me to try a new technique (to me) for the Latvian braid, and it makes a really nice hat.

I'd model it for you, but I would make it look like crap.

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