Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What's Next?

With finishing the Racing Stripe Pullover, I'm now laser focused on three other projects, working to get them finished before I start anything else.


I love the way this sweater turned out.  It's warm and heavy and the green accent color pops in a way I never would have expected until I knit it up. 

3-D Focus

I know it's difficult to focus on three projects at once, but it's easier than focusing on five projects.

Here are the three things I will actively work on.

In the background is the Spiked Crochet afghan which will take a while to finish.  And the reason I'll be doing intermittent work on the other two...the Tilt Cardigan from Rowan and the socks (which you'll note I'm doing two at a time).  The socks shouldn't take too long to finish, and I may start another pair (using the new MJ Yarns I mentioned in last blog) before I finish the other two projects.

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