Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Lulu of a Day

This week just won't quit.  So I'm glad I have Lulu to take my mind off of my insignificant worries.

When It Rains...

Just want to say, I still haven't gotten my nap!  Work has been crazy, and not in a good way.  Some volunteer stuff has been nuts.  And when I went to re-seam the shoulder on Aunt Dorothy's sweater vest, I unraveled the wrong side.

I know...tragic, right?  

Sorry...none of these things in and of themselves are awful, but I'm still feeling somewhat overwhelmed by it.

Current Spinning

I did start spinning up Lulu fur, and it's delightful.

She told me immediately what thickness she liked to be spun and so my hands do it rather naturally now.  Looks like it will be a little thicker than fingering weight after it's washed and blooms a bit.

And since I look absolutely dreadful in natural white llama, I will need to make sure this gets dyed a gorgeous color when I through making the yarn.

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