Thursday, April 03, 2014

Finn Again

It's amazing to me that it's only been about six weeks since we brought this lovely boy into our home.

Here Comes Honey Boy Boy

I've started calling him my Honey Boy...he's just so sweet.

In a mere six weeks, he wants to hang out with us all day, he sleeps with us and loves to jump in our laps while we're watching television.

I can't tell you how comforting it is to have a loving kitty back in our home.

A couple of things that make Finn different than our other cats:

  1. He drinks from the far end of his drinking bowl.  So no matter what position he's standing in relation to his bowl, he will only lap up water from the far side away from where he is.
  2. He's not as talkative as our last two cats, but when he meows, they can hear him in NJ.
  3. He's dreadfully allergic to flea bites, and even though he'll always be an indoor cat, and we've never had fleas that we know of in our house, we'll do one of the monthly treatments for fleas and ticks so he never gets bitten again (he was bitten while in the shelter and it took a long time for his skin to heal from the resulting sores).
  4. He looks cross-eyed from certain vantage points (although Thaddeus insists he's never looked cross-eyed to him).
For his drinking, we weren't sure if he'd like it, but we got him one of those water-fountain bowls.

This one is the Teardrop design from Pioneer Pet Products and the water gurgles up on the upper-right-hand side of the bowl and streams down to the upper-left.

The pump both keeps the water flowing, and also filters it.  Fortunately, he likes it.

Don't tell me you still need knitting content after all that!

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