Monday, March 24, 2014

The Wisdom of Men

One of the founding principles of The Men's Knitting Retreats is that we look among our own ranks for expertise and workshops.

A Bounty of Expertise

And each year, I am never disappointed in some of the most interesting workshops offered by the guys that come to our retreat.

For the upcoming retreat in May,

- Learning to Knit - The Basics (for our newbie knitters)
- Intro to Spinning
- Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom
- Choosing Colors That Work Together
- Upcoming Yarn Trends from the Global Yarn Market
- Beyond Worsted - Drafting for Lofty Yarns
- Measuring Yourself and Sweater Fitting Techniques
- Heels for Human Feet
- Beyond Beginner Knitting (also for our newbie knitters)
- Finger-Tip to Cuff Gloves
- Striping, Shading, Patterning

You can see why I'm never disappointed...the workshops each year are always this good.

Current Knitting

Lots of progress since my last post.  I finished my latest pair of socks and I added a few inches to the Henry Der Sweater Vest in Icelandic wool.

They look very nice on as well...of course Finn had to photo-bomb that photo.

And here's the center/front panel of the Henry Der Vest.

I'm liking how this is coming out so far and it looks as if I'll have enough yarn to complete the project.  That's always a relief.

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