Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Knitting Gone Wild

Some might consider this a form of child abuse.

Cabbage Patch Wigs?

Really?  Well yes...Amanda Lillie has designed a crochet pattern for baby, child and ADULT size cabbage patch wigs.

I think I need one of these for the slopes this ski season.

Check out a few of her creations here, or if you just want to purchase the pattern, go to her Etsy site here.

Current Knitting/Crochet

I finished the first sock of the pair, and have just started shaping the heel on the second sock.

With the weather we've been having, I'm cherishing my hand-knit socks more than most years.  They are warmer than store-bought.

I also did one more granny square on what Leslie suggested I should call Nico's Granny Square Blanket...I think I'll hold off posting a photo until all the squares are complete.  However, I did get the Koigu KPPPM from Loop I ordered to finish the blanket.

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