Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Catch Up Blog

Lots of things going on in my life lately, and blogging got pushed off a bit.  So here's a three-fer to get me back on track.

First, a random art-like photo that I just loved.

Fresh plum tomatoes in an orange colander.  Makes the yellow-green part at the top show up as a little bright spot.

Flea Market Finds

I was able to buy out some knitter's needles and notions stash at our local flea market.

She must have knit a lot of socks and I'm always in need of a stitch holder and stitch markers.

I just hope when my stash gets sold, it goes to someone who will value it as much as I value this stash.

Current Crocheting

I finished a few more Koigu granny squares, and then realized half of them had an extra round of green yarn in them.  I've fixed all but two of them.
 I'm thinking I might just end up with a nice lap blanket out of this endeavor.

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