Monday, July 15, 2013


Having lived through the inane OJ trial, I found the Zimmerman trial to be less than compelling, and only caught snippets as Thaddeus changed channels.

What It Means

The jury decision means that when there's a case that's difficult to prove, people who can afford lawyers better than our prosecuting attorneys, will usually be found not-guilty.

Do I think justice was done?  I do not.

Do I think Zimmerman was guilty of murder.  I do.

Do I think the prosecutors proved that Zimmerman was guilty of either murder or manslaughter?  I do not.

Do I think the verdict means that racism is alive and well in this country?  I do.

So, in case you wondered where I stood on this issue, now you know.  I'm very sad for the Martin family.  Trayvon's death was tragic.

Current Knitting

I have three projects actively going at the moment.  A pair of socks (that were started months ago), the Koigu Interlocking Scarf, and the Mini Mochi baby blanket.

Since  I made the most progress on the baby blanket, you get photos of that today.

I'm using Garter Rib with garter stitch edging all around.  When I'm finished, I will machine wash the blanket, to determine how washable (or not) Mini Mochi is.  I'll keep you posted.

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