Thursday, June 20, 2013

Survey Results - Knitting Apps

The number of people filling out the survey was surprising and disappointing.

Suprising, in that as of right now 121 people have responded.  Disappointing, in that SurveyMonkey only allows me to see the first 100 results without paying for an upgrade...I ain't paying.  If anyone would like the results, you can pay to have my account upgraded for one month at $24 and I'll give you my userid and password.

Knitting Apps Survey

Just a couple of obvious flaws with the survey...
  1. I didn't really define "app" very well, so the answers are a bit more vague than I might have wanted
  2. I didn't take into consideration other countries' currencies when I asked for maximum price (so I converted approximately when other currencies were entered).
  3. The list of apps that people currently use might have typos (mine or the respondents) and might not be apps at all
All that being said here are the results.

1. Do you use any knitting or fiber-related apps on your smartphone or tablet?
answered  94
skipped 6
Response Count Percent Response
Yes 54 57.40%
No 40 42.60%
Other 6
-I have niether of these devices.
-I would if I had an app to suit my needs
-need to buy a tablet - don't like using phone for apps
-Knit Visualizer on my laptop; Excel spreadsheets for stitch/row counts, if necessary
-inventory on my Palm.
2. Are you interested in using knitting apps (if you don't already)?
answered  93
skipped  7
Response Count Percent Response
Yes 46 49.50%
No 18 19.40%
N/A 29 31.20%
3. Which types of knitting apps are most useful to you?
answered  83
skipped  17
Response Count Percent Response
Project Tracking 29 34.90%
Design Assistance  44 53.00%
Software Interfaces  46 55.40%
Pattern Readers/Assts 51 61.40%
Database  23 27.70%
Tutorials/Videos 33 39.80%
Other (please specify) 8
- theoretically, since I haven't tried any of these!
- Yarma to upload photos to Ravelry
- Love Yarma...might be considered an interface
- none/Not interested
- First I'd have to buy an iDevice (assuming that apps run on iDevices and programs on computers)
- Yarnphone (shop finder)
- Row counter
- PDF Markup Software
4. For what platform do you use/look for apps?
answered  85
skipped  15
Response Count Percent Response
Smartphone 48 56.50%
Tablet 51 60.00%
Computer 32 37.60%
Other (please specify)
- none
- Ipod
- INTEGRATED with cloud storage so all data is available on all platforms
- I need to buy a tablet but am contemplating a tablet because I want some of those apps
- hooked up with my ancient Palm
5. What is the maximum price you'd pay for an app?
answered  78
skipped  22
Response Count Percent Response
0 or free 7 8.97%
US$0.99 2 2.56%
$2 5 6.41%
$3 5 6.41%
$4 1 1.28%
$5 25 32.05%
$6 2 2.56%
$7 3 3.85%
$10 12 15.38%
$12 1 1.28%
$15 4 5.13%
$20 6 7.69%
$25 2 2.56%
$35 1 1.28%
$50 1 1.28%
$500 1 1.28%
Other Comments: 
Depends on what the value is to me (obviously!) but I prefer my apps cheap or free - I think the most I've paid is about $5
Nothing. Mobile websites are better for simple information seeking (pinch and zoom).
That depends!
depends on functionality but probably 9.99
haven't app shopped to know what is reasonable
It would depend on how much the app did. Some would be priceless
it all depends . . . .
Not sure, right now I only use free app's
It would really depend on the app..
depending on what it would be used for.
If it really addressed my needs, whatever the market is
6. What current knitting apps do you use?
answered  68
skipped  32
APP Count
A  Generic Counter 4
BeeCount 1
Button Wizard 1
County/County Plus 3
Craftsy 8
Gauge 2
Gaugefy 5
GoodReader 5
iKnit NdlSzr 3
iKnitGauge 2
iSpin Toolkit 2
Jknit/Light 3
Knit 3
KnitCompanion 9
KnitCounter 12
KnitEvenly 6
KnitGauge 1
KnitHandy 9
KnitMinder 1
Knitters Handbook 2
Knitting HD 1
Knitting Help Videos 3
Knitting Shop Finder 1
KnittingBag 1
KnittingDaily 3
Lion Brand App 1
MetaPost 1
None 17
Personally built App 2
Raglanify 1
Ravelry 12
Ravulous 4
Ruler 1
Sock Calc 1
StitchCounter 1
StitchMinder 4
Stitchopedia 2
StitchSketch 1
TeX 1
Touch and Go Knitting HD 1
VK KnitBuddy 3
Wooly 4
YardToMeter 1
Yarma 6
Yarn Geni 1
Yarnphone! 1
Yarns 1
Zinio 1

Current Knitting

I started on a new project, again based on a photo I saw on Pinterest recently that I really liked.  It's a scarf in two colors of Koigu KPPM, knit in garter stitch on the bias, with little picots on the side edges.

This fabric:

Made with these two colorways:

I'm really loving the resulting dark colored fabric with glints of color coming through.

Readers' Comments/Questions

Claire (via e-mail) writes, "I recommend highly an application for passwords (and other secure
information) that works and synchronises beautifully cross-platform:
There are lots of password manager apps, we've tried several, love this one.
Thanks Claire, I'll have to check it out

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