Thursday, June 13, 2013


Here comes another opportunity for QueerJoe to be judgmental and insulting.  I think emoticons are ridiculous and are only used by lazy people who don't care to think enough to write/text what they really feel.

If You Must

When e-mail started to become standard practice within the business community (it was only 15-20 years's still amazing to me how we did without it before e-mail), and then instant messaging followed, many large corporations started putting out standards of etiquette for using the new technologies, with useful advice, such as "Don't replace a conversation that should take place face-to-face with an e-mail or instant message."

Now that emoticons have become ubiquitous, even in business settings, I think standards of etiquette need to be put in place as well.
  • Emoticons should only be used to supplement give a tone that can't easily be conveyed in the words.
  • Responding to someone's Facebook status of a family tragedy (such as the death of someone close to them) requires more than a sad face.
  • If you really want to be supportive of any problem a friend has texted you, a thoughtful, typed reply is better than an emoticon.
  • If you're going to be rude enough to text an important message to someone that should be said to them in person, don't add to the rudeness by adding emoticons.
  • If you're one of those people that adds "just kidding" after insulting someone even when you're not "just kidding", a winkie face emoticon is the same thing.
The other day, someone announced the death of a family member on Facebook (which, even though it was very well written, I didn't think should be posted on Facebook...just sayin') and someone actually commented with a :(

The least they could have done was a sad teary face.

Any other rules or breaches of emoticon etiquette?

Current Spinning

I made some progress spinning the singles of the British Romney from Carol at Black Bunny remember, the singles I was planning on plying with the Blue Face Leicester.

If anyone had asked me prior to now whether I'd ever recommend Romney for spinning, I'd say it was crap fiber, but great to learn on.  I have changed my mind...this shit is fucking AWESOME!

Readers' Comments/Questions

Thank you all for your ideas and thoughts on leftover remnants of yarn.  While I can't imagine having the time for any of them (especially when I have tons of non-remnant yarn), I now will have a bit more difficulty disposing of this yarn.

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