Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Only Yarn-Related Topics!!

Today's blog post will be only about knitting and spinning (and a bit of crochet perhaps).  Nothing else.

And Blogging
Just one quick thing.  Reader Joe (as opposed to Blogger Joe) wrote me to tell me that my blog posts show up in his RSS reader without titles, and he requested that I start using the "Title" box on blogger when I post.

I've started doing this, so anyone that gets my blog via RSS feed may now see my posts a bit differently, thanks to Joe.  Or if you stopped getting my RSS feed because of lack of titles, you can feel free to start being fed again.

Current Knitting/Spinning
Got a lot done with my spinning and got very different results than I expected.  I finished spinning the singles for the Bison/Silk/Cashmere roving from Fibre was a joy to spin.

I plied this with milk solids and got a yarn like none I've ever spun before and completely different than I expected.

I honestly thought the taupe bison yarn would blend more and deepen the colors of the  milk solid singles, but instead, I got this beautifully muted, soft halo'ed yarn that I just love.

I also had no where near enough Bison/Silk/Cashmere singles to ply all the Milk Solid singles, so I finally broke down and learned how to Navajo ply using some very useful YouTube video tutorials.

My three-ply spinning might seem a bit rough, but the yarn turned out really well after washing and hanging to dry.  Here are the two resulting hanks of yarn, that I will start to knit this coming weekend.

Finally, I did get some more incremental knitting done on the Milano Blanket.

I also did a bit of measuring and the blanket is about 2/3rds complete, which means I have about 22 more "stripes" to knit (which are each 8 rows of pattern stitch).  Only about 88,000 more stitches (plus the edging, which will probably be crochet).

It's getting a bit more difficult to carry to Albany each week, but not too difficult to make me stop!

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