Thursday, July 12, 2012

Evils of Short Term Concerns

Impatience and focusing on short-term results is a major cause of problems in our world today. 

How To Expand Consciousness
Whether it's the significance we put on quarterly corporate earnings at the expense of long-term stability, or the rush to get Walmart-like savings and increase our cash-flow now at the longer-term loss of pricing options in the future and buying inferior products.

The last few generations have been a population of people with little patience, and even less tolerance for seeing outside the immediacy of their actions and associated short-term results.  If we could take a step back and realize how important it was to let companies grow their companies in sustainable ways, or that buying a book at your local book store instead of on Amazon will ensure they continue to offer personalized service, we might start to make different decisions about how we act.

Allen Tucker has a great blog article on the importance of changing this mindset for ourselves.  Now we just need to come up with a way of changing the mindset on a more societal basis.

Current Knitting
I had the opportunity to go sit and knit with some of my pals in the Albany area at Trumpet Hill yarn store, in Albany, NY.

Aaron (who is MUCH better looking than I can photograph him)

Celeste - yarn-tender extraordinaire

Kevin who was a lambkin the the latest MSKR

What a delightful time it was to just sit and knit and...well, for me...mostly talk.

Here's where I am with my current sock-yarn blanket.

Obviously, more talking than knitting happened.

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