Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dirty Little Secrets

Recently, I saw the results of a survey showing whether people that think it's okay to pee in the shower.  The results were by State no less.

Not Far Enough
What I realized is, this survey left me wanting WAY more information.  Is it okay to pee in the ocean where swimmers are? Is it okay to pee in a swimming pond?  Is it okay to pee in a public swimming pool?  Is it okay to pee in your own swimming pool (assuming you have one).  Is it okay to pee in your bath whilst soaking?

I mean really...who was taking this poll anyway?

I was going to create such a survey, and link to it here, but the moment is passed, and a quick google search revealed others have done similar surveys anyway.

Cliff Hanger
So, for those that didn't know (and actually care) what was in the US$2 case shown on my last blog post, here it is.

Yes, as some of the comments noted, it is an interchangeable needle set (by Boye...not the Addi Clicks!...that would have been an amazing find).

The only thing missing was one of the little twisted pieces of metal used to tighten the joins (I think)...and come to think of it, it may have originally had some instructions.

Current Knitting
I did a VERY little bit of knitting on the Zara Linen Stitch Pullover.

You can see I added a total of 12 rows since last photographed on the blog.

I did start a new project based on a stitch I saw on Pinterest and looked like fun.

The stitch was in a Brenda Dayne podcast and she called it the Milano Stitch.

I thought it would make a great blanket, so I'm doing it VERY loosely with sock yarn, changing the colorway of the yarn every eight rows. 

It makes a very soft and cushy fabric.

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