Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Tapestry of Men

I've written a lot about the magic of the men's knitting retreats, so I'll just post about this year's retreat without too much gushing...but it was amazing.

Other Retreats
Currently, there are two other retreats open for registration, and they're both amazing as well:

2012 Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat
Location:  Sunshine Mountain Lodge,  Allenspark, CO (South of Estes Park)
Dates:  Thursday, July 19 to Sunday, July 22, 2012       
Cost:  Registration fee  $390 - Register here

2012 Men's Fall Knitting Retreat
Location:  Dumas Bay Centre, Federal Way, Washington (North of Seattle)
Dates:  Thursday, August 30 - Sunday, September 2nd
Cost:  Registration fee  $410 - Register here
 Both events are accepting nominations for scholarships as well...to find out more, you can just link to the Scheduled Events page on the Men's Knitting Retreat web site.

If you've ever considered going to one, I would highly recommend just doing it!

2012 Men's Spring Knitting Retreat - Part 2
Photos came out sort of lousy...my camera has been acting up lately (the auto-focus isn't working all the time), but here is the first set of photos.

Gorgeous gifts from John Wise from the West Coast - Pygora, Merino, Silk roving and a olive wood spindle
Kevin under Aaron's careful tutelage

Bill in front of the completely unnecessary fireplace

Jon, David and Ray enjoying some fiber time

Bill and Christopher sharing knitting tips

Scott, Ted and John knitting, spindling and spinning, respectively

The ever-adorable Kyle!

Aaron signing autographs...he's famous in our world

Voted most adorable couple at the retreat...sorry John and Alan 
Jeff watching over the home front while we head off to see sheep

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