Wednesday, May 23, 2012

AIDS Funding

With a cocktail of drugs that helps stave off a quick death after being infected with HIV, the urgency of supporting our brothers who are infected has been significantly reduced.

Keep It Up
And yet, the cost for those life-saving drugs is astronomical.  The need to keep educating our young to protect themselves from getting infect is even more urgent.  And the organizations the provide services to people with HIV/AIDS still need our more so than ever.

A new-found friend from the retreat is riding in the Friends For Life bicycle ride, and it would be an excellent way to support the People With AIDS Foundation of Toronto (the ride goes from Toronto to MontrĂ©al).  One of the things I like about contributing to this charity, is how they detail what your contribution can be used for:

My friend Christopher Walker (strange name for a cyclist, no?) is just $700 short of his pledge goal, so if anyone can pledge for him, it'd be great.

Current Knitting/Crocheting
I've actually started a new spiral square Tunisian crochet baby blanket.  This time I'm using Poem Sock Yarn by Universal Yarns which is both soft and machine washable AND has pretty colors.

It might actually make a decent baby blanket...way better than the Kauni blanket at least.

Men's Spring Knitting Retreat - Part 3
More photos from the retreat...just reviewing the photos again puts a lump in my throat.

Veryl, Van and Max with the Cottswold ram

Mark, Brady and Ted discussing fleece locks


Cottswold ewe

Huge barn

The boys

Chuck, Nick and John

Doug and Alan

Ray, Ted, Danny, Van and Sean

Vince with projects to show

Nick felting something

Blurry Van with gorgeous weaving

Danny showing off his lace cowl

Ray in his new scarf

Scotty, John, Phil Mark, WonderMike, John and Brady

Kirk with me trying on Sean's sweater

Kyle with amazing vintage work

Dave and his wonderful weaving

Dave an his wonderful knitting

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