Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wedding and Something Old

This past weekend was spent with family in Texas, celebrating the wedding of my first niece to get married.  I also found something old (I'm sure I could have come up with something new, borrowed and blue, but I'm not going to).

Stacy and Mike
Honestly, as a gay man who can't legally get married in the state where I live (which wouldn't be recognized federally anyway), I am not usually a big fan of weddings.  I also usually find them to be a complete waste of money.

My niece Stacy's wedding to her now-husband Mike was a delightful change from all that.

Her mom organized an exceptionally beautiful, non-formal wedding that allowed everyone to enjoy themselves.

Here's Stacy looking fabulous.

And here's the happy couple.

Current Knitting
Well, hardly any...I know...pathetic.

But I did find this cool old vintage pair of sock forms at our local flea market.

I like that they're adjustable for foot length.

They're made by a company called Lee & Rowan.  I can't wait to display my next pair of hand-knit socks on these!

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