Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pockets and Purses

Most guys I know store their necessities in pockets, and most women store them in purses. And some men, rely on their spouses or girlfriends to hold things too big for their pockets in the purse.

I can't imagine how guys get by without the concept of a purse. Where do they put things like aspirin, or band-aids, or hand moisturizer, or calculators.

While I can jam a bunch of things in my pocket, wallet, cell phone, money, gum, receipts, plane tickets, pens, etc., there are lots of things I have to rely on my laptop bag to carry. Knitting projects being one of the major components of that content.

What other options do guys have when it comes to schlepping all their immediately needed items?

Current Knitting
I switched from the Austermann Step sock to the Heirloom lace project and made some progress on the second side of the blanket.

The interesting and subtle color changes in this handspun lace yarn is make for some very interesting knitted fabric that I'm liking a lot. I will be very interested to see this full blanket all knitted up and see how all the color patterning works (or doesn't).

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