Friday, December 10, 2010

Early Prezzies!

Is there anyone on the planet that doesn't like getting presents?...even if you pick it out for yourself?

One From The "Men" and One From Thaddeus
This past retreat, the guys at the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat did an incredibly nice thing for Ted and I...they gave us gift certificates to one of my very favorite yarn vendors, Briar Rose Fibers. I've shown off a lot of Chris Roosien's hand-dyed yarns on my blog before, but with a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket, I asked if she'd custom dye two of her nicest base yarns for me.

And here's what I got!

The first one is "Legend"...approximately 2,800 yards of glorious, dark smokey DK/Sport weight Merino yarn. The second one is "Isabel"...approximately 2,200 yards of unbelievably soft and beautiful lace-weight silk and merino yarn.

I couldn't have been more pleased with what Chris came up with for me. She's a genius at this stuff!

The second present was an incredible find Thaddeus made at the local flea market (I'm so proud of him!).

This happens to e 224 spools of yarn (in neat little plastic boxes with covers) of various brands and multitudinous colors of thread. Suffice it to say I can never use the excuse for not sewing something that I can't find the right color thread!

Current Knitting
I was able to make quite a bit of headway on the sleeves for the zippered cardigan (although the photo doesn't show it very well).

I wasn't planning on doing both sleeves at once, but the increase and pattern stitch made it easier to do this way.

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