Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I'm Turning Canadian

Yes, it's true...while I don't say "eh?" a lot yet, I have started to do other things that are much more representative of Canadians.

New CanadianQueerJoe
First of all, I've been allowed to let out my sincere nice-guy side. I really love how Western Canadians find the people from Toronto to be rude. I find most Canadians to be much less rude than most places in the U.S.

I've also started saying "sorry" a lot. And it's pronounced "saury" or something like that. It's a much easier identifier of someone from Canada than "eh?"

Finally, I've eaten poutine (and like it...although the curds weren't exactly squeaky fresh) and I've begun to pronounce the words "project" and "process" with a long "o" sound, as in "prototype." However, I still constantly expose myself as a Canadian imposter when I say "zee" instead of "zed" for the last letter of the alphabet. When the alphabet is one of the first academic things a child learns, it's hard to change, eh?

Current Knitting
Mostly boring progress (pronounced with a long "o") on my sock project using yarn spun with Carol's Black Bunny Fiber roving.

I'm kind of amazed that the second sock is a pretty close color match so far to the first, and this is completely by accident and unexpected.

As many of you know, I've never been a huge fan of knitting ribbing. Even though I've learned the continental way of knitting and purling, and I can do it faster than my regular way of knitting and purling, it's not as comfortable, so I constantly switch back and forth.

Current Reading
Most of you know how picky I am about my reading materials. While I've been known to read a Judith Krantz novel, it wouldn't be something I'd normally read unless I was completely bored.

I just finished one of the best books I've read in a long time, so if you really love reading John Irving and you've hated many of Oprah's picks (e.g. "House of Sand and Fog," ect.) then you definitely need to read my latest find.

Probation by Tom Mendicino is exceptional.


The main character is exceptionally self-insightful and the author uses this skill to narrate an incredibly appealing and real-life story.

As one who hates knowing much about a book or movie before reading it or seeing it, I won't say much about this book, except it is a must read, especially for any gay men, or friends thereof (and that should cover a large number of the folks that read this blog).

I would love to hear/read what others think of this book.

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