Monday, August 02, 2010

UnReality Television

Where did they ever get the label "reality tv?" It's hardly real-life situations...especially when real-life would be pretty boring to watch.

The Fabulous Beekman Boys
Have you seen this one yet? About two NYC gay boys that decide to run a farm/bed&breakfast/cheese-making business in upstate NY?

I'm not a real big fan of the show, but I have seen most of the episodes so far (I think). I really love Farmer John, who takes care of the goats and other real farming duties. He seems to be an extremely sweet man, and I LOVE the fact that his love for his goats brings him to tears.

In the last episode I watched, Farmer John had hip-replacement surgery and was staying at the Beekman house to recuperate, and they showed a very short clip of him crocheting.

Now I love him even more.

Current Knitting
I've put the Malabrigo Silky Merino to the side for a bit...I just can't seem to bring myself to pick up the sleeves and work on them.

Especially when I have a fun lace project on the needles.

I've almost finished two full repeats on this, and I love the yarn, I love the stitch pattern and I love how open and gauzy the fabric is turning out.

I also started a new knitting project with the latest yarn I spun up using Mindy's mohair roving (see below in "Current Spinning")

Current Spinning
I finished up spinning more charcoal singles and then plying the Puff The Magic Rabbit mohair. Here's an in-focus photograph of the plied yarn.

Here's a photo of it loosely laid out.

And here's a photo in the hank.

It turned out to be a light sport weight yarn...about 675 yards of it.

I have to admit that at each stage of the spinning/plying/washing process, I was surprised at how the yarn turned out. I had envisioned a much different end-product when I started the process, and then again when I started plying and yet again prior to washing the final yarn.

Suffice it to say, I love how the yarn turned out, so much so that I had to start a new knitting project right away.

I've decided to try and do a simple garter/mitered rectangle man-shawl...or "mawl" for the bears among my readers.

Not much to show so far, but I'm liking it.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Susan writes, "So sorry to hear that Thaddeus had problems with his LASIK. Are they resolved?"

Yes and no. They never really corrected his right eye to his satisfaction, but at least they were able to eliminate a problem he had with epithelial cells growing under the flap.

Susan also writes, "A pizza stone makes homemade pizzas marvelous. Ever try one?"

Yes, we have one, and it's better than a pan, but not as good as pizzeria pizza.

Finally Susan writes, "Also, when Colorado peaches are in season, I make enough pie filling for about half a dozen pies, then freeze it in pie pans. Then during the winter, I just pop one into a pie shell. Has Thaddeus ever tried this with his white peach/white nectarine pie?"

Not with peaches/nectarines...just with blueberries and sour cherries.

Rosemary writes, "Love the lace! Where did you find the pattern? If it's one of your own, will you please write it out or give us a link for it?"

It's from the estonian lace knitting book, "Haapsalu Shawl." If you love knitting lace, and don't have this book, you need to own it...the stitch dictionary is amazing.

Will writes, "I will trade a private concert for Thaddeus's pie (spoken with a crazed look in my eyes)"

Only if you can play Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" on the harp at one or more points during said concert.

Angela writes, "So, what may I offer as a bribe/ego-stroking/etc to get some details of the lovely stitch pattern on the Malabrigo Lacy Merino pullover? I've searched my resources and can't find anything remotely as beautiful and it's exactly the look I've been wanting for a skirt. Please, share with your devoted fans! "

No bribe/ego-stroking necessary. The stitch pattern is something I modified based on a sock pattern in "The Knitting (Man)ual)" by Kristen Spurkland. Forget the name of the sock pattern, but you'll recognize it immediately.

Marylou writes, "Oh this Jersey girl misses good tomato pie. My aunt used to take me to a place in Chambersburg - the name escapes me now, where I swear I could eat a whole one by myself."

The place is probably DeLorenzo's which many people say is the best tomato pie, but I can't believe they've been to Palermo's if they say that...Palermo's is awesome. And just so you know, the first couple of times Thaddeus and I went to Palermo's, we did both eat a whole pie.

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