Monday, July 19, 2010

QueerJoe's New Look

Yes, I finally broke down and got some "computer glasses" so that I can see the screen and also use them for reading glasses (which I'm needing more and more).

I've Missed Glasses!!
My eyesight used to be quite bad until I had LASIK surgery lots of years ago. I wore glasses and contacts all the time or I couldn't see anything, and I considered it absolutely MIRACULOUS that after a 20 minute procedure, I could see without any corrective lenses.

Now, as I get older and older, and clearly need help in seeing fine print, it has started to spread into my computer viewing. So now I have "progressive" lenses that allow me to see ranges of close and intermediate distances.

But more importantly, I like the way I look in the glasses!

What do you think?

Current Knitting
Update on two projects...first, the lace project.

Unfortunately approximately 10,000 stitches was considered a "swatch" because my little pal Nico jumped out of my lap while I was knitting this project and in that cute little way cats have, he pulled the needle out of about 150 active stitches, making it easier to start over than to try and pick up 3 or 4 rows of slipped/pulled stitches.

I re-started the project, making some changes to the overall design.

I also got some additional work done on the Malabrigo Silky Merino pullover.

I'm almost up to the neck shaping on the front section and then on to my favorite part...SLEEVES!

Current Spinning
I had spun up quite a bit of charcoal gray alpaca singles...enough so that I though I could ply up all the Mohair/Border Leicester/Silk singles from Puff the Magic Rabbit, so I attempted to ply it all up.

First of all, the yarn came out significantly different that I expected. Second, I LOVE the resulting yarn. Third, I didn't have quite enough of the charcoal alpaca. Fourth, my camera sometimes mysteriously goes off auto-focus, and I get pictures like the one above...I'll post a better one next time.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Regarding the crochet technique for making a nupp, Alan (RareSteek) asks, "I am a bit spacially challenged, but does this method not have the actual nupp one row below where it would be in the traditional method? It may not matter, but it seems so to me, or am I wrong?"

You're not spacially challenged at all...the standard instruction for a nupp is done over two rows, so the crochet technique would kind of "squish" the nupp onto one row. I personally slip the stitch on the wrong-side row (even when there are two nupps together).

Rosemary writes, "I am saddened by your use of the word "Nazi' when refering to the pols on the Hill who also believe strongly in their position."

Norah is correct when she says I meant that it was the Republicans who use the word "nazi" not me.

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