Thursday, July 01, 2010

I Never Know What to Believe

I'm pretty cynical about much of what I read...especially when it's about celebrities. But this article sent to me by reader Jeanette seems to have all the hallmarks of being true:

Within Reasonable Doubt
I remember a while ago on the GLBT knitlist, someone's alleged cousin notified the group that the member had died in a fiery car crash. I remember thinking immediately that it was a lie...I guess it just sounded odd that a cousin would happen on to a deceased member's account so quickly and then go on to describe the car crash as "fiery."

Turns out the member hadn't died, but the excuse for the post was an even bigger lie.

And when it comes to publicists, they'll say practically anything to get their clients in a magazine, so I often view articles about celebs with a cynical eye as well.

However, it appears that David's name has shown up in other fiber-related articles, so I would have to believe that he really is a knitter.

Plus I like him, so I'd like to believe this is true!

Current Knitting
I completed a few inches on the front of the Malabrigo Silky Merino pullover, and I think I have the best photo yet of the color and stitch pattern combined.

At least the color shows up pretty true to life on my laptop screen.

Current Spinning
I also did a bit more work on Mindy's (Puff The Magic Rabbit) roving, and I am liking it more and more...both the color and the fiber-feel (btw, Mindy has an Autumn leaf colored roving out there that is just stunning!).

I don't have another photo, but Nico really does fight me for access to this fiber...he either claws into it like he's hoping it will start to spray milk, or he pushes it out into the most comfortable little kitty nest.

I also wound on a few more micrometers of singles from a roving from Carol (Black Bunny Farms...Carol is doing amazing things with her Dipped Infinity Scarf yarn packs that are flying off the shelves...if she has shelves).

It's very different, but I really like these colors as well.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Regarding the Spin-Off scarf, a different Carol writes, "The scarf looks great - you seem to have figured out the little mistake that crept in on the final edit of the magazine concerning the central increase within 1 stitch."

Thanks...I'm enjoying it...but I didn't notice the error at all...once I get the feel of the stitch pattern and the rhythm, I just kind of refer to the pattern only when I'm not sure what to do next...I'm certain I just completely overlooked the extra increase instructions.

Seanna Lea writes, "The scarf reminds me of a sock pattern in Vogue Knitting a couple of years ago. It's a little hard to see in the pattern, but is it twisted stitches?"

No, it's all 1x1 ribbing with patterned increases and twisted stitches at all...only twisted knitters.

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