Monday, July 12, 2010

Blogger Sucks

Or more like, Google sucks, since they can't even maintain a publishing site that works.

Blog Posting
Just to post this blog takes ridiculous amounts of manipulation of their crappy product.

I've been using the latest version of their "New Post" publishing software for months now with no problem, but the last two weeks, the software refuses to load just goes into a constant state of befuddlement, and never resolves.

I can edit any existing posts using the new editor, but it won't let me create new posts.

Trying to find the solution...or at least the work-around...took me hours on their pathetic "Help-less" site. I finally found that I could set my blog settings back to the old editor to create a basic post. Then revert back to the new editor to edit it.

Soon it's going to be easier just to write the html myself.

Thaddeus had a personal anniversary earlier this that I typically forget all about...but this year I surprised him by baking a cake from scratch.

It's a red velvet cake, and it lasted us a week. It was my first attempt at baking a cake from scratch, and overall, it came out pretty well. The recipe was from Food Network, and I don't recommend it. Personally, I think the recipe should contain more cocoa and a bit less food coloring and the directions for the frosting were not very helpful...steps such as "cook on medium heat until thick"...doesn't tell me HOW thick...thick as the eventual frosting should have been.

So anyway, I improvised a bit and we enjoyed a huge freakin' cake for a week.

Current Knitting
I finished the scarf from Spin-Off using my handspun yarn from some roving I got from Carol at Black Bunny Fiber. I still have no idea what the fiber is, but it must have had some alpaca in's quite a dense yarn and scarf.

Doing a scarf in all 1x1 rib is not my idea of fun, although the shaping on this pattern kept my interest enough to keep me forging on. The ribbing and the fiber content also create a very dense scarf, which required me to make it at least 5 feet long, else it might have been a bit stiff wrapped around a person's neck.

Overall, I think this scarf looks great, but it would never be my favorite. I think I'll end up selling it at my friend's next cold-weather craft fair.

Current Spinning
I also got a lot done on the spinning front.

First I finished the 3 oz. of singles of Mindy's gorgeous mohair/border leicester/silk blend.

This is the best photo I've been able to take of this spinning and it still doesn't convey the richness of the colors. I can't wait to add the binding ply to this and see how it turns out.

Even more so, I can't wait to knit the resulting yarn.

Second, I finished spinning up the singles from Carol's merino(?) roving.

This I think will also look great using the same binding ply of a very fine single of dark gray yarn.

Now I just have to spin up a load of the binding singles.

Readers' Comments/Questions
Regarding my latest book, Carlos writes, "I'm almost done with the Girl Who Played with Fire and cannot stop reading it. It's great as well. Just saw the movie last night and it is great! Can't wait to read the third which is staring at me and making me pant."

This is exactly how I feel about the books. I'm already about 1/3rd through the second book and can't wait to see the movie and read the third book. One of my co-workers that enjoys the entertainment magazines mentioned that they're considering doing the third book as a U.S. movie staring Brad Pitt as Blomvqvist (sp?)...that would just ruin it for me!

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